Do nothing to excess except to love god.

If the material world stretches human imagination why should not God's love exceed it?

God's love is like gravity: the earth is no busier holding on to six billion people than it would be holding on to just one.

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

Blessed are the lonely, for they shall enjoy the company of God.

The wonder is not that God exists but that we do.

The world's seductions are the worst of the persecutions which Christ's followers must endure.

Something which "everybody does" is usually something that nobody should do.

The repentant sinner is a fruitful branch.

The unforgiveable sin is to stop trying.

The condition for winning the war is never to stop trying, no matter how many battles are lost.

You are here not to be strong but to be fruitful.

What we do may be only a drop in the bucket, but God wants that drop.

The hardest answer to prayer to accept is not "no" but "wait".

Asking according to God's will has less to do with what we ask for than with how we ask and why we ask.

Jesus did not come to take away the pain of humanity but to share it.

It takes more faith to suffer with jesus than to be healed.

From God's point of view, everyone on earth is disabled.

There is no magic word, no easy trick;
Just the slow building, brick on brick.

Guardian angels are under more restrictions than devils - if they helped us out of all the messes we get ourselves into we would never learn anything.

God does only what we can't do for ourselves - and only he knows what that is.

We are most loyal to the divine image within us when we are most loving and most giving.

Expect the probable, but try to increase the probability of the desirable.

Strike when the iron is hot, not before.

Reason that does not aacknowledge its own limits is unreasonable.

We see God now through a glass darkly, but we do see.

Perfection is to be completely conformed to God's will, not one's own.

The greatest self-love is to dedicate oneself wholly to God's will for one.

God wants everyone to be perfect - but He considers it HIS job.

Truth is the correspondence of the mind of the creature to the mind of the creator.

Human beings know what is better, but not what is best.

Like the compass needle, the human mind usually points only approximately north.

human beings are not worms, but birds whose wings have been clipped.

Human beings are like uncut diamonds, which God polishes with the diamond dust of suffering.

Backsliding is the normal state of human society.

Democracy is the dictatorship of the majority.

Don't plan for the future: invent it!

Definition: Shortcut; 1. The longest distance between two points; 2. The devil's idea of a straight line.

Those who won't let others learn the hard way will learn the hard way that this is not a good idea.

One meaning of the story of Adam and Eve is that human beings have ALWAYS learned the hard way.

The idol of self-sufficiency was the first to be worshipped.

Certainty is the illusion of fanatics.

You must have no more musts than you must.

Creatures are like sponges: surrounded by the water; permeated by the water; nourished by the water, but not water.

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