All who seek to live a life of peace, love and service are invited to share in this digital ministry. You do not even have to believe in God to participate. As the noted atheist Bertrand Russel said, "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." However, this site is Christian, specifically Catholic.

Of course, it is not that we touch God, but that He first touches us. Since 1977 His touchings have resulted in poems and prayers which attest to His love. Getting in touch with God can also bring healing, perhaps physical, but more probably mental and spiritual. In particular, the Lord, often through the instrumentality of others, has healed me of depression and anxiety.

Nothing touches us more intimately than the air we breathe and in which we live and move and have our being. This vital touching has inspired a page on breathing in the Lord.

The Lord is now inspiring stories which are a blend of spirituality, history and science fiction. This is a continually growing structure, which you are invited to enjoy and comment upon.

Through the years He has also inspired aphorisms.

This Web site is run by a man who is deaf, blind, elderly and a lover of prayer, meditation and solitude. I am a graduate of the Ministry Formation Program for Catholic Deaf Adults run by Sister Maureen Langton.

You can read a history of the godtouches digital Ministry on another page on this site. But God's touching has not been confined to this Ministry. In 1977 it led me to dedicate my life to using my knowledge of computers to serve Him in our neighbors. I ran Computers to Help People, Inc. for twenty-five years and now run Abilitiessoft, Inc., which develops software, mostly open-source, for people with disabilities.

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