Modern analogies of the Ttinity

Every real object has three dimensions. All are essential and none is less essential than any other. Similarly, an equilateral triangle (one with three equal sides) has three equal lines and all are necessary to form the triangle. Finalloy, consider the quantum world. We cannot imagine how something can be both a particle and a wave. It is too far outsode our human experience. Neither can we imagine three Persons in one Being. I am not a theologian, but I suspect that the Trinity is a sort of metaphor for something even more mysterious.

Friday the 13th: Count the good things

Let’s be contrarian. Instead of looking for bad things that happen today or ignoring the day, let’s make a special effort to notice the good things that happen today. I consider Friday the 13th to be one of my special days, a day when I’m particularly sensitive to all the good things that happen.

Your suffering does not have to be useless.

You can make them redemptive by uniting them with the sufferings of Christ. In Colosians Paul says “In my own body I fill up what is still lacking in the suffferings of Christ, for the sake of his body, the Church.” The following prayer may be helpful.

Unite my pain with yours.
In you do I place my hope.
In faithfulness you have afflicted me.
You wound, but you also heal.
You give and you take away.
Hallowed be your name.