Freedom of conscience

Freedom of conscience is the basis of all other freedoms. No one should be forced to act contrary to their beliefs. This applies to freedom of speech, freedom of press, etc. Nor should anyone be forced to be silent if something violates their conscience. Freedom of religion is, of course, part of freedom of conscience. But a freedom is not the same as a right. Fredom of religion does not extend to human sacrifice, because that would violate the right to life. Of course, conscience can be malformed, such as in the case of the Nazi persecution of Jews or of abortion. Both of these violate the right to life. Fundamentally, a good conscience supports peace, love and service.

A woman is the most exalted of all human beings

Jesus is superhuman, Mary is simply human, all our own. She is exalted not merely because she is the mother of Jesus, but because she was the first and most ardent of his disciples. When she visited her cousin Elizabeth the latter said “Blessed is she who believed that the promises madee to her by the Lord would be fulfilled.” After the visit of the Shepherds “Mary treasured all these thing is h
er heart and pondered upon them.” Motherhood itself is not to be denigrated. Without it none of us would be here. During the crucifixion Jesus entrusted his mother to the beloved disciple. This is his way of making her the mother of us all.