Republicans, remember your heritage

The first Republican president was Abraham lincoln. He was not a racist. He freed the slaves and is known as “The Great Emancipator”.
The country has never been more polarized than during the Civil War. Lincoln urged his countrymen to “heal the nations’s wounds.”
Theoodore Roosevelt oversaw the establishment of Yellowstone, the first national park in the world. He championed the sustainable management of forests.
Dwight D. Eisenhower led us into the Space Age after the Soviet Union had upstaged America.
Ronald Reagan accepted raproachment with the Soviet Union and helped to end the Cold War.

I was a Republican when I was young and even voted for Goldwater in 1964.

The present incumbents in the White house and the Senate are disgracing your party. The president is frankly racist and a misogynist.
In making decisions he iks guided by his ignorance and his prejuudices.
He is so incompetent that he would not even make a good fascist. The Senate, by failing to impeach him, convicted itself.

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