Vote for the common Good

As we approach this election in November we must be particularly concerned with empowering voters and defending our democracy (LWV).
In his first inaugural address President John F. Kennedy said: “Do not think what your country can do for you; think what you can do for your country.”
And for the world. Even for yourself in the long term.
We need leaders who can deal with the pandemic and climate change, with racial injustice and the reform of our po;ice forcess.
We need leaders who realize that they are leaders of the whole country, not just of those who vote for them.
This blog tries to rouse people to think broadly, not narrowly of the short term or of themselves. There are others who are doing likewise.
You may want to look at the website Vote Common Good

True Conservatives

True conservatives are those who live by the teachings of Jesus and by the ten commandments.

They are concerned with the poor, the sick and the outcasts of society. They scorn hypocrisy and are quick to point it out.
They do not lie or steal, nor are they covetous. They respect God’s gift of sex, remembering that it is for the family.
They respect the dignity of all human beings, remembering that God made us in his own image.
They are kind to strangers, remembering that the Israelites were admonished to do so, because they had been strangers in Egypt.
They welcome refugees, remembering that Jesus was a refugee in Egypt.

By these criteria, are our present leaders true conservatives?
Are they instead false conservatives, who put money and power first? Are they hypocrites who say one thing and do another?
Do they promote peace and unity or conflict and polarization?

Whatever your opinion, be sure you are registered to vote and vote in November. Your vote DOES count!