No more one-candidate “elections”

Democracy is everyone’s business. That is what the word means. For a long time we the people have been relaxing in complacency. Voter turnout has been low. In many cases there has been only one candidate for an elected office. An election with only one candidate is no electtion. But we have been jolted out of our complacency, first by the election of an unsuitable president, then by his atttempt to overturn the next eelection, in which he was defeated, then by concerted attacks on our right to vote by state legislatures. Many memmbers of these legislatures caame to power in elections in which they were the only candidates. Now they are trying to preserve their power by depriving some of us of our right to vote. We had forgotten that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Indeed, the greatest threat to liberty is whoever happens to be in power at the moment.
It is past time for change. More of us must run for state and local offices. There must be no more uncontested elections. Fortunately there are organizations that can help. Look at the top menu above and click the link to “Other Sites.” You will see links to organxizations that offer training for prospective candidates and information on our right to vote.

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