The Sign of Love

When the apostle to the Gentiles wrote
His ode to love he said what love is not,
But first of all its virtues, most to note,
He cited patience, which the world forgot.

And when hee came to recon up the fruits
Vouchsafed to those whose birth is from above,
Here too, of all the outward attributes
,Patience was foremost as the sign of love.

Patiennce is waiting till the time has come
To act, then acting strongly, acting with respect
While creatures grow and till the Lord shall coome
,While doing what we can, without neglect.

Measure your love with patience as the rod,
Patience with self, with others and with God.

God rejoices in his works

We are told to rejoice in the Lord, but God also rejoices in his works. He sees everything not only as good but also as beautiful, his work of art. In Proverbs 8:30-31 God’s wisdom, who can be identified with Jesus, says. “Then was I beside him as artisan; I was his delight by day, before him all the while,playing over the whole of his earth, having my delight with human beings.” God delights in his works, especially us, despite all our sins.

Who is Jesus?

See Matt. 13:31 et seq.

You are the tiny mustard seed
Your father took and planted on the earth
Counting for little to the world indeed,
Yet dwarfing all the kings in future worth.

You are the tiny bit of yeast
The Spirit buries deep within our hearts,
In hearts that differ little from the beast,
And yet your presence spreads to all our parts.

You are the single grain of wheat
Which fell upon the ground and seemed to die;
But you are he who cannot know defeat;
Your fruit shall ever grow and multiply.

In you the humblest and the gighest meet;
In you the world is made, and made complete.

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Freedom of conscience

Freedom of conscience is the basis of all other freedoms. No one should be forced to act contrary to their beliefs. This applies to freedom of speech, freedom of press, etc. Nor should anyone be forced to be silent if something violates their conscience. Freedom of religion is, of course, part of freedom of conscience. But a freedom is not the same as a right. Fredom of religion does not extend to human sacrifice, because that would violate the right to life. Of course, conscience can be malformed, such as in the case of the Nazi persecution of Jews or of abortion. Both of these violate the right to life. Fundamentally, a good conscience supports peace, love and service.

A woman is the most exalted of all human beings

Jesus is superhuman, Mary is simply human, all our own. She is exalted not merely because she is the mother of Jesus, but because she was the first and most ardent of his disciples. When she visited her cousin Elizabeth the latter said “Blessed is she who believed that the promises madee to her by the Lord would be fulfilled.” After the visit of the Shepherds “Mary treasured all these thing is h
er heart and pondered upon them.” Motherhood itself is not to be denigrated. Without it none of us would be here. During the crucifixion Jesus entrusted his mother to the beloved disciple. This is his way of making her the mother of us all.


Lord, you have given so much to me;
Grant me one thing more,
A thankful heart.

Continue to remind me to give thanks throughout the day for the things I perceive as good. And with your grace I will eventually give thanks even for suffering and for unpleasant events, for they provide opportunities for growth and for making them redemptive by uniting them with the sufferings of Jesus.

And now I give thanks for writing this post.

All for God

See Luke 21:1-4

Observe this widow, how her back is bent
From years of toil to earn a scanty crust,
Washing the clothes of wealthy fops intent
On feasting grandly and the joys of lust.

See now these others standing tall and straight,
Their bodies bathed an oiled with utmost care,
Arrayed in garments for affairs of state,
With not an errant spot or speck or hair.

These of their abundance have given so;
She of her penury has given little;
But all their lavishness is but for show,
While she has given all, her every tittle.

Therefore I tell you she is greatly blessed,
For she has given more than all the rest.

Today’s Gospel: Joy over repentant sinner

What man among you with a hundred sheep
Would not, if he should find that one had strayed,
Enfold the others on the grassy steep
And seek that single one with heart dismayed?

And when he found it would he not rejoice,
Not check its limbs and feet with tender care,
Not soothe its trembling fear with hand and voice,
And then upon his shoulders homeward bear?

Arived at home he would his neighbors call
Saying “Rejoice with me, for I have found
The sheep which I had lost.” The angels all
Rejoice with me and make a joyful sound

Over a single sinner who repents
Far more than nine and noinety self-styled saints.

Today’s Gospel: Discipleship

Luke 14:25-31. Jesus begins by making the point of this passage “If anyone would be my disciple he must take up his cross and follow me.” He then goes on to use hyperbole and parables to illustrate the point that discipleship must come before anything else, possessions, family, even one’s own life. That is what he did himself in service of the mission he had received from

the Father.