The name of God is mercy

Catholics celebrate this Sunday as divine mercy Sunday in honor of Sister Faustina, who had visions of Jesus in which he spoke of his mercy to everyone. So great is his mercy that his name can even be said to be Mercy, as pope Francis has said. Our muslim cousins call Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful. Our Jewish forerunners have handed down to us many psalms of his mercy, such as Psalm 118.

Prayer for spiritual communion

With so many churches being closed the following prayer might be useful.

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are truly present
in this sacrament of sacraments.
I love you above all things
and I desire to give myself to you
as fully as you give yourself to me in the host.
And I give you thanks for remaining with us
until the end of time in the eucharist.
What other God has given his people
his own flesh and blood.

What events in history happened on Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th, today, is the day to be especially alert to all the good things that happen. It would be interesting to know what events in history happened on Friday the 13th. Pope Francis was elected on March 13, 2013, but it wasn’t a Friday. If you know of a historical event that happened on Friday the 13th please leave a comment.

God Can Say No

The mother of the sons of Zebedee asks Jesus to grant that her sons may sit one at his right and one at his left in his kingdom. Jesus says “You do not know what you are asking … Places in the Kingdom are not mine to give. They belong to those for whom they have been reserved by my father.” The sons of Zebedee do not get what they want. They are only promised suffering, which they accept for Jesus’ sake.
God does not grant all of our prayers, no matter how earnestly and long we pray. he knows what we need and what would hurt us. When he does grant prayers it may be something related but unexpected. Let us continue to pray with trust in him.

Prayer of Repentance

My God, I confess to you that I have sinned
In my thoughts and in my words,
In what I have done and in what I have left undone.
But I love you,
and I wish to please you in all things,
and I trust in your mercy.
I love you

What makes a Good Candidate?

Character and experience count more than campaign promises. Has the candidate served in elective offices? What is his/her record? What kind of friends and associates does she/he have? Has sh/he shown good morals and respect for the dignity and needs of others?

The Sign of Love

When the apostle to the Gentiles wrote
His ode to love he said what love is not,
But first of all its virtues, most to note,
He cited patience, which the world forgot.

And when hee came to recon up the fruits
Vouchsafed to those whose birth is from above,
Here too, of all the outward attributes
,Patience was foremost as the sign of love.

Patiennce is waiting till the time has come
To act, then acting strongly, acting with respect
While creatures grow and till the Lord shall coome
,While doing what we can, without neglect.

Measure your love with patience as the rod,
Patience with self, with others and with God.

God rejoices in his works

We are told to rejoice in the Lord, but God also rejoices in his works. He sees everything not only as good but also as beautiful, his work of art. In Proverbs 8:30-31 God’s wisdom, who can be identified with Jesus, says. “Then was I beside him as artisan; I was his delight by day, before him all the while,playing over the whole of his earth, having my delight with human beings.” God delights in his works, especially us, despite all our sins.

Who is Jesus?

See Matt. 13:31 et seq.

You are the tiny mustard seed
Your father took and planted on the earth
Counting for little to the world indeed,
Yet dwarfing all the kings in future worth.

You are the tiny bit of yeast
The Spirit buries deep within our hearts,
In hearts that differ little from the beast,
And yet your presence spreads to all our parts.

You are the single grain of wheat
Which fell upon the ground and seemed to die;
But you are he who cannot know defeat;
Your fruit shall ever grow and multiply.

In you the humblest and the gighest meet;
In you the world is made, and made complete.