communion Prayer

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are truly paresent in this Sacrament of sacraments. I love you above all things and desire to give myself to you as fully as you give yourself to me in this host. And I thank you for remaining with us in the Eucharist until the end of time. What other god has given his people his own flesh and blood. Amen.

The Waste of Weapons

There have been objections to space programs on the grounds that the money could better be used for problems here on earth. There have been objections to basic research on the grounds that the money could better be usef for practical problems. The money spent on both of these activities is a fraction of the money speent on weapons and armies. These projects benefit us instead of killing us.

Science Purifies Religion

Science deals with what can be observed and measured. Religion deals with what cannot be observed and cannot be measured. Religion has nothing to say about the physical world except that it was created by God and it is all very good. Science has nothing to say about the supernatiral, because it cannot measure it.

Things have Been Worse

In 1968 the country was polarized by race and politics. Martin Luther King was murdered. Robert Kennedy, tghe leading candidate for the Democric nomination for president was murdered. Riots broke out in many ciies. There were rios at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. But at least we didn’t have a paresident who seems to be fomenting divisio.

The Central Poblem of Life

According to Buddhism it is suffering. According to Christianity it is sin. Suffering is the result of selfish desires. Sin is the result of alienation from God. Selfish desire is cured by erasing the false ego. Sin is cured bybelief in Christ, humility, prayer, fasting and alomsgiving.

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The greatest danger to liberty

The greatest danger to liberty is whoever happens to be in power at the moment. This is true of groups, including political parties, as well as individuals. power goes to people’s heads and they overstep boundaries. Some groups are denying freedom of conxcience, but this freedom is the gasis of all others.

Calling All Atheists

This is your opportunity to contribute to the dialogue between atheism and religion. Dialogue requires respecting the dignity and freedom of conscience of others. Please express your beliefs and try to explain them.